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Automatic Watering Device

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Automatic Watering Device

Product Information  :    

material: Plastic
Type: Irrigation system
Capacity: 0-8kgs water pressure
Features: Environmental protection
Application scenarios: Home gardening, agricultural production, public green space, garden horticulture production
Specifications: British regulations, American regulations
Colour: Black

usage method:
Liquid medium: clean water (tap water)
Suitable water temperature: 0-40 ℃
Functional features:
1. Specific watering time and current specific time can be set;
2. Watering time: the shortest single watering time can be set as 1 second, and the longest single watering time is 300 minutes.
3. Watering cycle: the cycle time is from 1 hour to 23 hours, 1 day. 2 days... The longest cycle is 15 days.
4. Power supply: 3V, 2 AA batteries (5 alkaline batteries)
5. Full waterproof function. (can be used outdoors)
6. With temporary watering function (does not affect the set program)
7. There are manual switch buttons.
8. It can be installed in the outdoor, vertical rain proof.
9. It can be opened without pressure.
Scope of application: it is widely used in family gardening (no need to worry about the flowers and plants are not watered when going out for many days), small lawn, flower bed, vertical greening irrigation


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